Books Running Out of Time

Books go extinct when they are out of print, rights fall into unknown hands, there are no digital editions, libraries worldwide do not provide them and second-hand editions are sold out or disappearing. Sometimes the last and only remaining trace is a book being cited in another book.

Books going extinct:

  • Ameisen, Olivier (1953-2013). The End of My Addiction, 2008.
  • Baschwitz, Kurt (1886-1968). His 5 books in several languages.
  • Larson, Martin Alfred (1897-1994). All of his 18 books published between 1927-1985.
  • Moise, William (1922-1980). History of the Discovery of the Life Energy (Documentary Supplement No. 2) (A-XII-EP The Red Thread of a Conspiracy), 1955.
  • Reich, Wilhelm (1897-1957). All approximately 30 prehumous books 1925-1957.
  • Tromp, Solco Walle (1909-1983). His 4 books including Biometeorology: The impact of the weather and climate on humans and their environment (animals and plants), 1947-1977.
  • Wolfe, Theodore P. (1902-1954), Emotional plague versus orgone biophysics; the 1947 campaign, 1948.

This list is a work in progress and prepares the way for possible solutions. If you notice a book going extinct, please email

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