Building the Non-Lie


It’s harder than it seems to build a truthful venture atop the ruins of a World of Lies. Whoever has had the courage to start such a new venture is working hard to make ends meet.

Picture an under-funded, under-appreciated startup that disrupts nothing but the phoney. There exists no subsidy or Quantitative Easing, no funding rounds A, B or C to get this unpopular startup, the Non-Lie, up and running.

So yes, this may be reminiscent of a David and Goliath scenario, but what does that mean other than that it CAN be done.

An important first step is to distinguish between art and marketing. The Age of Marketing is over, dead and buried, many people still need to adjust to that fact. Marketing aims to seduce, as a means to further temporary Non-Truth aims: money, growth, fame, recognition, followers, comfort, influence and power.

Art, the Non-Lie, only aims to create. It is a natural urge, a timeless expression of the soul, which does not know what Non-Truths are, only the mind knows those.

Creation is therefore a huge risk that requires visionary courage and an uncompromising following of one’s own path. I am not used to that anymore, I am coming from an Age of Mediocrity, dominated by oppressive, perverse commercial marketing and manipulation under the even more perverse guise of art, which is why it has been taking me and others a while to build the Non-Lie. As soon as you see the difference between marketing and art for what it is, you’ll never forget that every Non-Lie venture is a form of art.

3 thoughts on “Building the Non-Lie

  1. Marketing is not the same as lying. Advertisement can lie with false claims or exaggerate, but primarily marketing is simply about bringing something to your attention as much as possible: exposure. You can make the best and most truthful art ever but nobody will notice it…unless there is an effort to get attention.

    Commerce is important as well. If an artist or other “truthmaker” if you will cannot sell whatever authentic product, he’ll need a mundane job and will make less art as he has less time and energy.

    The problems are not commerce or marketing, those are merely tools. The problems are government-related institutions entangled with corporate entities that have become too powerful. This problem is reduced if the government stops favoring the large corporations and lowers taxes for smaller enterprises (and thus becomes smaller itself as well). This will lead to a more fair market where innovation can more easily come from the smaller start ups.

    Decentralising monetary power is equally important to prevent government induced poverty in general. BitCoin provides this solution. But it’s up to the people to use it.

    1. Most certainly marketing does not equal lying. My observation is that it can be seen as ‘a means to further temporary Non-Truth aims’, a bit abstract but no other way to define.

  2. Walking your path of life and finding meaning and purpose while make ends meet is challenging indeed, I totally agree. Specially when lots of experiences in Marketing turn out “different than promised or expected” with different outcomes as result. Honesty and integrity are not met and will result in disappointment, frustration and a loss of faith and trust, in business and perhaps life in general also. So building the Non-lie comes from the longing for genuine creation, as I experience it.
    What if building the Non-lie in life as well as in business, requires a state of awareness or energy with an intention “to create, serve and contribute” in the widest meaning possible? Like an Art of Living? And what if we are able to interpret these experiences as guides on our path?

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