I’ve Closed My Substack

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Yesterday I migrated most of my ‘Old Revolutions’ Substack content here to my own website. If you are subscribed to my publication Old Revolutions on Substack you don’t have to do anything, you will receive emails from my website instead. My reasons for this change:

  • Substack is heavily collaborating with questionable, unreliable journalists like Taylor Lorenz. I do not want my content to be surrounded by that type of marketing. There is already enough fake journalism in this world.
  • Content creators always had all the power over online platforms but they never leveraged it. I believe they are now starting to take their power back. I will contribute to that development.
  • One of my inspirators, former Wall Street analyst Michael Krieger, deleted his social media accounts and only kept his WordPress blog and only occasionally tweets out a sharp analysis or a photo of his farming activities in central USA. I believe this is the way to go in an environment where freedom of speech is heavily under attack: not to stay silent but to speak on your own terms only. Platforms are abusing their power by collaborating with criminals. To read more about this, read his post ‘Cancel Yourself‘.
  • Some features on Substack did not work well for me technically, e.g. audio uploads failed often.
  • I have more options and freedom managing this website, I can optimize privacy for my subscribers and it prevents my content from being monetized by companies run by corrupt billionaires.
  • Times are changing and it’s time to pick and choose the reliable, factual sources for the years to come. Journalists, researchers and academics with integrity have spoken up, others did not. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Finally, I will be also be publishing for a brand new non-profit organization focused on FOIA/WOO/WOB. Stay tuned for more information on that launch. These publications will go live on a new website.

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey and I look forward to publishing here for you!

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